Colleague Insights

We think that working for Aurum is great – but we don’t want you to just take our word for it, so we have asked colleagues from across the business to answer, in their own words, the questions we think you would want to know when deciding if Aurum is the right Company for you.

Colleague Insights
Ben -

Ben -Events and Sponsorship Assistant

How did you find out about the vacancy you applied for?   I had been searching for a new career path for some time when I heard about the vacancy within, what was then, the E-Commerce Customer Experience Team. My sister works within Aurum and let ...
Sophia  –

Sophia – Goldsmiths Sales Consultant

How did you find the application and interview process?   I began by looking through the Aurum website and found it very informative and exciting! Within half an hour I got to know what the company was about and the opportunities on offer, which ...
Tommy  –

Tommy – boutique.Goldsmiths Supervisor

How would you describe the company to a friend?   When most people mention their job chances are they will follow it with things like pressure, stress and horrible boss and the chances are they aren’t all that happy. I've been in that ...
Lucy  -

Lucy -boutique.Goldsmiths Branch Manager

What first attracted you to Aurum?   What girl doesn't love diamonds? So all those years ago in 2005 when I first stepped into a Goldsmiths store, unemployed I thought this is where I want to be. So I got chatting to one of the Sales Consultants, ...
Kirsty  –

Kirsty – Jewellery Appraiser

What is the best thing about working at Aurum?   The best thing about working for Aurum is definitely the people. Everyone is friendly and always happy to help go above and beyond to make the working environment a much nicer place to be in. ...
Nikki  -

Nikki -Goldsmiths Branch Manager

What training and support is available to Aurum colleagues?   There are a number of courses and development programmes run throughout the year, supported by our Learning and Development department. Our bespoke 2 day sales skills and customer ...
Anj  -

Anj -Goldsmiths Sales Consultant

What is the culture really like at Aurum?   I have been part of Aurum's Brentcross Goldsmiths team for almost a year now, and can honestly say the experience has been a truly uplifting journey with endless opportunity for personal growth and ...
Nilesh -

Nilesh - Mappin and Webb Sales Consultant

What perks come with working for Aurum?   I have been with the Company for 22 years, I live 40miles away from the showroom I work in and drive 4 hours a day to get to work and home again. Why do I do it?   It’s simple – I love the Company ...
Omar  –

Omar –Goldsmiths Regional Manager

What is the scope for career progression within Aurum?   The scope for progression within Aurum is evident through my own journey with the business. I originally came on board as a Designate Manager, progressed to General Manager for all of the ...
Karen  –

Karen –IT Service Desk Manager

What is the social aspect of Aurum like?   Working at Aurum opens up opportunities to make colleagues into friends through the open plan and friendly office environment and the variety of social activities that are regularly held.   We have an ...
Linda  –

Linda – Watches of Switzerland Sales Consultant

What is a typical day like for you?   My name is Xinyan Song, and my English name is Linda. I am currently studying at the University of South Wales. I came to Wales in August 2012 and since February 2013 it has been my pleasure to be part of the ...
Angela  –

Angela – Senior Receptionist

What would you say are the key characteristics of someone working for Aurum?   I’ve worked for Aurum for 11 years as a Senior Receptionist. Over the years I have had the pleasure of welcoming many new people to the business and I have met some ...

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