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There is no doubt about it, the recruitment process can be stressful, no matter how many times previously you have written a CV, submitted an application or attended an interview. So to support you through this process we have consulted our resident experts in the People Team and have outlined below some of our top tips and advice when applying for a position with Aurum.

Ellie PhotoEllie – Talent Acquisition Advisor

  • Be on time for your interview – Nobody likes to feel rushed so arrive a little early, our teams will be happy to welcome you so why not take an extra 5 minutes to take a seat, have a drink and settle your nerves if you have any. Make sure you know the address of your interview location, it is always a good idea to carry some extra money with you in case you need to take a taxi or a bus unexpectedly.
  • Be prepared – It's always great to see candidates who have clearly spent some time researching the Company. Why not start by reading the information on our websites and then widen your search and see what you can find in the media about our business. It is also a good idea to try and anticipate some of the questions we may ask you at interview and prepare some responses.
  • Be presentable –At Aurum we have a dress code that our colleagues adhere to. Whilst we don't expect you to know this at interview stage we would recommend you research the brand you are applying to and wear what you would consider appropriate for the store; it shows that you have made an effort and are aware of the standards our teams live by.
  • Understand the role you are applying for - All of our adverts show the role profile for the position you are applying for, make sure you read this thoroughly. This will be useful at interview stage when you can showcase your understanding of the role and what will be expected of you in the position. But if you do have any questions around the role responsibilities don't be afraid to ask.
  • Prepare some questions – Although we would like to think that nearly everything you need to know about Aurum, our recruitment process and what it is like to work for us can be found within our careers site, there will be questions you have that are specific to you and the role you are applying for. Don't be afraid to ask as many questions as you like at the interview stage, remember this is just as much an opportunity for you to find out about us as a Company and to ensure the role is perfect for you.

But most importantly.......Be yourself


Now you know a little more about what to expect from the recruitment processes at Aurum, here is some great advice from our experienced Learning and Development Business Partners on how to prepare yourself for interview and present yourself in the best possible way.



Liz PhotoLiz – Lead Learning and Development Business Partner - South

In interviews, nerves can make you forget to do simple things such as smile and listen, which can result in being thought of as unfriendly or inattentive. You're more likely to be nervous if you're inadequately prepared so as well as following our advice above, you should:

  • Give yourself time to think about what unique qualities you will bring to the role/Aurum;
  • Think of practical examples to demonstrate what you have achieved. Draw upon all aspects of your life including your educational and social life, examples don't just have to be from working life.
  • Write notes and take these along to the interview;
  • Pause before answering a difficult question in order to give yourself time to think;
  • Use positive language, as interviewers will be assessing your motivation and enthusiasm;
  • Ask for clarification if, at first, you're unsure of what the question means
  • Practice your answers to anticipated questions with someone you trust and seek feedback but don't be overly self-critical;
  • If you take a mobile phone, make sure it is switched to silent or off before entering the interview
  • Breathe

How do I prepare for a telephone interview?

When preparing for a telephone interview it's important to consider:
• Tone of voice - ensure you're enthusiastic and use positive language;
• Battery life - if using your mobile charge it fully before the interview;
• Location - find a quiet place for the interview where you will be undisturbed by noise or others. The showroom manager will be calling you unannounced and will ask you if you would prefer to take the interview at a more suitable time. Don't be afraid to ask for a call back at a more convenient time when you are in a more suitable environment;
• Write key attributes down - and have this available during the phone call. Be willing to repeat these with the use of examples.


Andrea PhotoAndrea – Lead Learning and Development Business Partner - North

How do I make a good impression at a job interview?

Stand out for all the right reasons by ensuring you:

  • Arrive on time or better still early;
  • Are organised. Take your application letter, CV and examples of work (if appropriate) with you;
  • Listen carefully to questions and answer them concisely;
  • Highlight your best attributes in the interview. Before you go, think about what you want the interviewer to know about you and think about how you could incorporate this into your answers;
  • Pay attention to the way you communicate. There's evidence to suggest that non-verbal communication overpowers verbal communication so if you describe yourself as confident and outgoing but speak inaudibly and avoid eye contact, the interviewer will read the latter as indicating a lack of confidence and disregard what you said about being confident;
  • Practice anything you're concerned about. This could be saying your answers aloud, which builds confidence in hearing yourself speak, or having a trial run of the journey to the interview.Find out as much as you can about the Aurum, our priorities, our markets, our competitors,
  • Think about what you could bring to Aurum and prepare examples of how you have achieved (or learned) something of relevance;
  • Find ways to demonstrate enthusiasm for the goals of our vision and values.


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